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Anupam Herbals is proud to present for the first time in the world a breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS. Their flagship product AH-IMMUCURE A / B / C, which significantly helps in reducing the mortality & morbidity rates in patients infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which leads to dreaded disease Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ( AIDS) .


Founder of Anupam Herbals, Dr. Anupam Gupta, dedicates this pioneer work to his father Late Dr. I .P. Gupta and mother Late Mrs. Saroj Gupta, who were the motivational force behind his research work. Dr. Gupta with his team developed this Ayurvedic medicine after putting lot of hard & extensive research work, considering the disease pattern and general conditions of HIV infected patients. The product developed has been tried and well accepted around the globe for showing remarkable results in a short span of time, upon initiation of the treatment in terms of weight gain and bringing back immunity level to normal, in HIV infected patients.


To tackle this haunted disease, several Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARVs) have been developed and also gained good acceptance from the medical fraternity world over in treating AIDS patients with predictable clinical results and making their lives livable.


Over the years, Anupam Herbals did extensive research work on the role of Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARVs) in HIV infected patients, like; their dosage schedule, efficacy, duration of therapy, probable side effects etc. and keeping these very basics of ARVs in mind, has successfully developed Ayurvedic medicine AH-IMMUCURE A / B / C, consisting of wide range of ancient & traditional Indian herbs (science named Ayurvedic) and tried to cover many areas which are still the problem for the HIV Patients.


Anupam Herbals presents AH- IMMUCURE A / B / C, an efficacious and safe Ayurvedic medicine to the global society to save the lives of younger generation from this killer Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The product has been tried and well accepted by medical fraternity & patients in various countries for its efficacy and insignificant side effects.


The prime objective of Anupam Herbals is to develop many new Ayurvedic formulations to treat various prevailing diseases which cause great problems to the society and are being treated with multiple drug therapy without getting significant satisfactory results. Anupam Herbals has already developed range of unique Ayurvedic products in various therapeutic segments, like: Anti-Diabetic (which also controls all other diabetes related complications), Anti-Analgesic (local application minimizes the need of oral analgesics in Osteoarthritis ), Osteoporosis which prevents even hormonal therapy in post menopausal osteoporosis, Bone health for faster post fracture healing which reduces non union and delayed union, Contraceptives (long acting and permanent), which avoid use of operative interventions, Breast cancer with removal of bone secondary’s and to stop developing further new secondary’s, and many more.


[Note: It is very common believe to consider Ayurveda and Herbal medicine as one entity, but actually it is not so. Many Ayurvedic medicines contain metals at lower levels, which are based on thousand years of experience of INDIAN AYURVEDIC doctors, and are non-toxic. It is only a myth that these metals are damaging. At higher levels, they act as poison; whereas, they contain medicinal values at desired levels.]